Prediction under astrological consultation is done based on the positions of your planets, time, day and DOB. Hindu calendar also plays a significant role in it.
Japam is the powerful method of meditation which is used to chant divine name. Chanting spread positive energy and prevent you & your family from negative vibes.
Homan or Yagya is performed for the welfare of loved ones. It is an appeal to invisible energy (god) to enhance and enrich the soul.
Born Baby Astrology
Newborn baby spread happiness to the whole family and loved ones. Ancient Indians used lagan and nakshatra to predict his/her future and design kundali.
Also known as Evel Eye and originated from the Sanskrit language. Best astrologer use Dristhi is used to protect our loved-ones from negative energy.
Mantra Healing
It is an activity where mantra used to aid concentration. The Mantra helps in recovering not only physical illness but also used for mental and spiritual purity.
Pooja Service
Pooja services are available for Upanayanam, Grih Pravesh and Vivaham. According to Indian culture, every auspicious occasion is incomplete without Poojan.
Vastu Sastra
Vastu Sastra is the form of astrology described by ancient astrologists based on architectural science. Few astrologers in Jaipur who can give you the correct prediction of Vastu Shastra.
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Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

23 Jan 2019 admin

Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier Astrology is the study of planets and how they impact human lives. The position of planets at the time of birth of an individual decides his/her future, i.e., their love life, personal life, business, job, and every other thing that takes place in daily life in …

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Astrology Consultation For 2018 and 2019

10 Oct 2018 admin

India is the topmost country with so many religions and languages. Every religion has their own beliefs and rituals. And based on different religions in the world astrology also changes its methods or/and procedure.

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Vastu Decoration Tips For This Diwali Season

10 Oct 2018 admin

As we all know that Diwali is a very joyful and very happiness spreading festival where all family gets together to celebrate this auspicious day.

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