Astrology Consultation For 2018 and 2019

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Astrology Consultation For 2018 and 2019

India is the topmost country with so many religions and languages. Every religion has their own beliefs and rituals. And based on different religions in the world astrology also changes its methods or/and procedure. There is n number of astrology services available throughout the world. Even if we talk about India then also we have so many astrological services available.

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Indian Astrology use position of planets, time, day and date of birth, place of birth etc to describe traits and destiny. There are some common questions asked by visitors are about marriage, job or career, home, illness, love marriage or arrange marriage, business etc. Indians believe in astrology and astrology may answer some of your questions but not all.

Future is unpredictable and no one can tell you the exact event or things that may happen in the future. But this is also true that your stars, planets, birth information etc helps a lot to predict what was went and what will happen.

Astrologers can help you a lot to give you a brief introduction to your past or/and future events. As future is uncertain and it’s not mandatory that what your astrologer told you is 100% correct. So, Instead of asking future just try to figure out Vastu Dosh of your house. You may be able to find out the correct reason because of which you are facing troubles in your life. You may be able to identify followings.

What you can improve for a better future?
Is there anything wrong going in your living place?
What wrong you are doing on daily basis for business perspective?
What you can improve in your daily life?

Horoscope is also one of the aspects which help in predicting your behavior, growth, future events (like marriage, childbirth etc) etc. Primarily There are 12 horoscope signs (zodiac sign) under which you can categories yourself. This astrology is also called the born baby Astrology. Born Baby Astrology is basically used to know favorable and unfavorable condition for child and family betterment.
When a child born, a horoscope is applicable when he/she cry the first time in this physical world. Based on the time of birth, the day of the week, date of the month, and several other aspects like the Hindu calendar, month, samvat etc your horoscope sign (zodiac sign) is determined.

Here are some tips and tricks to improve your financial condition and relationship.

1. The position of cash locker= Place your cash locker on the south-west or south direction in such a way that it should open in the north direction as north direction is the direction of Lord Kuber. This is the first and the most common trick with which you can reduce expenses and save a lot of money.

2. Donations = Yes, make some donation in white on regular basis or on a regular interval. it will help you to please goddess of wealth.

3. Lord Vishnu = Offer water to Lord Vishnu by using a conch shell. offer water through south direction and it will help to please the goddess Laxmi

4. On Friday you can do the following things

A. feed food to 3 or 7 unmarried girls an give them some gifts, a yellow dress, some money to make them happy. This will help you to please goddess Laxmi.
B. keep fast of Santoshi ma and avoid eating sour food. invite 7 or 11 girls and serve them food and gifts.

5. on every Wednesday feed grass to the cow. it will help you sustain health