Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hidden Astrology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Astrology is the study of planets and how they impact human lives.

The position of planets at the time of birth of an individual decides his/her future, i.e., their love life, personal life, business, job, and every other thing that takes place in daily life in some way or the other, is related to the positional of the celestial bodies.

Astrology has been ignored hugely in the modern era and remarked as superstitial but science contradicts it. Astrology has its effects on our daily lives but at times we take it lightly and term it as something irrelevant.

The mishaps in our life, the sudden illness or loss of physical property or someone important has its relevance to astrology. It is not rocket science to learn basics of astrology, in fact, it is always a plus to know a bit about it so as to weed out possible negativity from your life and bring in peace and prosperity.

An astrologer can also predict your future and warn you against possible mishaps. This makes your uncertain life a little bit easier, and in this blog, we are going to discuss some tips or hacks you can inculcate in your routine life to avoid that and make your life peaceful.

Dhristi Parihaaram

In layman terms, this is the measure to ward off the evil eye. The evil eye is when someone has the dhrishti or ill eye on your property or any person.

Jealousy has made its way to our hearts and it is not just limited to envying others, it has way more impact than just that. A jealous person can have a negative impact on you; on both physical as well as material level.

Other reasons for the evil eye could be

When someone has a feeling of discrimination or comparison.

Spirit of vengeance.

Negative thoughts for someone.

An evil eye can result in uneasiness, sudden and prolonged illness, harm to physical health or material possessions. How can you eliminate the evil eyes? Drishti Parihaaram is the way to ward off the evil eye, the way it is done is:

On the material level

Some fruits like lemon, coconut and watermelon have the power to absorb the evil, negative energies. That is why new vehicles are first to run over a lemon or inaugurated by coconut.

The second method could be to burn camphor near the person to eliminate all negative vibes that surround them,

For babies, a black dot or tika is applied on the forehead to keep any harmful energies away.


There are a total of 9 gemstones, you could use to your benefit. Gemstones have long been used and have a profound effect on us. It is directly linked to your horoscope and brings about positive changes in your life.

Though gemstones can be pretty expensive, they are a great investment for bringing harmony into your life and Gemstones have numerous benefits, some of them are:

Balancing finances

Physical health

Wards off negative energies

Flourishes career and personal life.

Gemstones are unique for every person depending upon their horoscope. Though gemstones can be an investment, they sure will bring harmony and peace to your life and make it much easier. But you should keep in mind to consult a learned astrologer before investing in one.


Charity and donation are widely used methods for bringing the right balance to your life. Astrology says you can benefit greatly from the charity. But charity too is not the same for everyone. It is different for various sun signs and according to the different challenges one faces.

There are certain days too on which you can donate.

But donations are majorly done to remove any dosh — it is a term referred to unfavorable positioning of planets that is hurting a person in any which ways.

Astrology has been long used by people whenever they feel stuck in life or if something unusual is happening to them, Astrology has its benefits in all fields and provides remedies to various challenges and in every walk of life — career, business, love life, marriage, etc.

An astrologer with in-depth knowledge and years to experience can guide you in your walk of life and can make your life much simpler to live.

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