Mantra Healing


Mantra Healing

The Cosmos and mantras as forms of energy

Every entity in the universe is composed of energy. Every syllable of a word let out in the ether is a carrier of energy and can be used to tap specific forms of energy in the atmosphere. Mantras are incantations hailing the Gods thereby stimulating the necessary energy flow. This is mentioned in the following shloka:


Meaning that, the whole universe is ruled by the Devas and the Devas are under the power of Mantras. The deities are also a part of this energy world, Shiva being the supreme source of energy and Shakti its conscious form. Different energy forms called the Panchabhootas include the ether, air, water, fire and earth elements. The existence of these elements in the human body and as well as in the atmosphere facilitates the flow of energy between them.

Imbalances in the body-system

Malfunctioning of the body system is caused by disproportionate energy levels in the system. Each organ has its own consciousness, and is capable of emanating and absorbing a certain amount of energy. Impropriety in this process (of radiation and absorption) can lead to abnormal activity of the organ or the organ system and can manifest as a disease.
Mantras need to be chanted

– In rhythm,
– With a proper intonation (pronunciation) and
– Proper resonance (pitch).

This is necessary to invoke the full potency of the word so uttered.

The Power of Mantras

The curative power of the mantras, is not restricted to the domain of physical illness. It can also be extended to
– Psychological
– Materialistic and
– Spiritual deficits
All these ailments (or deficits) are ruled by different deities. And the mantra so recited, is addressed to the respective deity to invoke grace and ameliorate the sufferings of the patient. Shiva mantra addressed to Lord Vaidhyanath (God of health) is chanted for the cure of diseases, Lakshmi mantra for wealth and so on.

Preconditions for mantra healing
There are certain preparatory conditions before the commencement of the healing process.
– It should start with a prayer

The healer should be free from infections and skin-abrasions.
– All barriers in the patient’s mind need to be removed to enhance mental receptivity.
– The physical posture (the direction and other factors) should be taken care of.