Vastu Decoration Tips For This Diwali Season

vastu tips for this diwali pandit purshotam gaur ji

Vastu Decoration Tips For This Diwali Season

As we all know that Diwali is a very joyful and very happiness spreading festival where all family gets together to celebrate this auspicious day. To make this day more memorable for you with happiness Pt. Purshotam Ji decided to spread some important Vastu Decoration Tips For This Diwali Season which can help you to get wealth with small changes. This day everyone worship Lord Lakshmi to get blessed with wealth and happiness in their life. Every year on this occasion we completely clean our premises so that on this day anyone who come to our home feel great and specially children’s gets very excited for this festival. As they get to eat very sweet dishes and bursting crackers with friends make this day more joyful.

To get wealth and happiness in your life from this festive season there are tips which you should Do’s & Don’ts this Diwali Season.

Do’s On this Diwali Season

  • Your Premise Entrance attracts wealth. So make sure decorate your entrance and make it clutter free.
  • Entrance door of your house should open fully. As it is an invitation to happiness and prosperity.
  • Place a money plant in your house or office this day. Also, the placement of this plant according to the Vastu of your house.
  • As purple color defines wealth and prosperity you should plant the money plant in purple color vase.
  • Decorate your entrance door with fresh flower and make sure you replace old and decayed flowers.
  • Entrance name plate of owner with the full name should be clear and bright to be visible. 

Vastu Tips Diwali Do's

Don’ts on this Diwali

  • Don’t place any cash-box under the beam in house or office. As it can adversely effect your wealth and can also attract negative energy.
  • Dirt blocks the entry of positive energy and wealth in your house. So make sure you properly clean your premise to let positive energy enter your house.
  • Clear the glass of all windows in your house this signifies the openness and energy flow.
  • Water flow denotes the money flow so repair or replace all the leaky and faulty taps in house or at office.
  • Color your house with the low toned colors. Don’t get your house painted with bright colors.
  • To remove negative energy remove the previous year calender, newspaper and unwanted materials in house.

Vastu Tips Diwali Dont's

These vastu tips are very important to bring joy and happiness with wealth in your life as this festival season you plan to make changes in your house. So if you are planning to do some vastu changes in your house and office you can take Astrology Consultation from very famous and recognized astrologer of India awarded from Rajasthan Government Pandit Purshotam Gaur Ji. You can contact on these numbers for consultation services related to Vastu Tips for house and puja services and many more at +91-9414-237-095, +91-9672-059-999 and also can visit our website